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What are the factors that have great influence on hardware

In the process of developing from a big country to a powerful country, the number of enterprises in China's hardware 

accessories industry, whether manufacturing or circulation, will become smaller and smaller, and the scale and strength of 

enterprises will become larger and larger. It is bound to follow a path of cross regional, transnational, collectivization and 

chain operation relying on brands, technology content and strong capital.

Recently, the Beijing Consumers' Association conducted a commodity comparison test on some ceramic chip sealing faucets 

currently sold on the market. Yesterday, the Beijing Consumers' Association announced the results of the comparative test, 

which showed that 34% of the 50 ceramic chip sealing faucets tested did not meet the standard, and the test results once 

again questioned the quality of plumbing hardware products.

According to the test, when 50 samples were filled with water for 10 ~ 24 hours, only two faucets were free of lead. Experts 

pointed out that the faucet with substandard material is likely to make the lead element in the "overnight water" exceed the 

standard. If it exceeds a certain level in human volume, it will cause lead poisoning.

The samples of this comparative test are ceramic sheet sealed kitchen faucets, involving 50 samples produced by 50 

enterprises in 8 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hebei, etc. 

By entrusting the national building materials industry building hardware plumbing product quality supervision, inspection 

and testing center to test the logo packaging, salt spray test, flow, sealing performance, water efficiency, lead precipitation 

concentration and other tests of the faucet, 17 of the 50 samples failed to meet the standard requirements, accounting for 


It is reported that the main reason why the lead in the overnight water of substandard faucets is easy to exceed the standard is 

that most ceramic chip faucets are cast with copper alloy due to process restrictions. Although the lead element in the copper 

alloy will oxidize quickly when it comes into contact with the air and form a protective film, the water can make the protective 

film of lead fall off, resulting in the precipitation of lead element in the faucet.

China's plumbing and bathroom hardware industry has grown from scratch and has continued to flourish for decades. At present, 

China has become the largest producer and consumer of plumbing hardware facilities in the world, and domestic well-known 

plumbing hardware brands have also appeared in the international market. With the intensification of market competition, the 

downturn of the real estate market and the decline of market demand, plumbing and bathroom hardware enterprises also need 

to improve themselves, change the direction of development, pay attention to improving the quality of products, improve product 

functions, constantly tap and meet the needs of target consumers, and create brand awareness and reputation.