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Mold competitiveness determines product vitality

Mold experts believe that adopting advanced mold technology is an inevitable trend to adapt to the fierce competition at 

present, and improving the competitiveness of the mold itself to meet the needs of the market is the top priority. Improving 

the high precision of the mold is not only the requirement of the development of the mold industry, but also the aspiration 

of the automobile and other industries.

Strengthen the understanding of the concept of mold accuracy

1. Die refers to the precision forming tool used for mass forming, processing and stamping products. Mold accuracy includes 

the accuracy of parts obtained in processing and the quality awareness of ensuring product accuracy during production, but 

generally speaking, mold accuracy mainly refers to the accuracy of mold working parts.

①. The concept of precision in mold processing refers to the consistency between the actual geometric parameters and the 

design geometric parameters after mold parts are processed and assembled.

②. The concept of precision in mold production refers to a thinking mode gradually formed by enterprise employees in 

production practice to guide their production behavior, a kind of quality consciousness, that is, in the behavior of enterprise 

employees, always implement the quality consciousness of grasping product precision.

2. The content of mold accuracy includes four aspects: dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy and surface 

accuracy. Because the mold is divided into two parts: the upper mold and the lower mold, the mutual position accuracy between 

the upper mold and the lower mold is the most important among the four kinds of accuracy.

When the machining accuracy is very high, the mold is often more than enough. Now, the precision that a good precision mold 

can achieve is about 0.1 ~ 0.01 mm. Compared with the previous mold, the precision has been greatly improved. However, 

components such as engines require accuracy below one thousandth of a millimeter or even less. Therefore, it is impossible to 

completely replace cutting with molds.

Now the smoothness and roughness of the mold itself have made a great leap. However, the mold itself is also made by machine 

tools. If the precision of the machine tools that make the mold itself cannot pass the standard, the precision of the products 

manufactured must not be high.