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How to realize traceability in machining industry?

For the CNC machining industry, the assembly, storage and delivery of raw materials - > blanks - > surface treatment - > 

machining - > semi-finished products - > finished products require several processes of production and inspection. How 

to truly realize the traceability of these links is a difficult problem in industry management. CNC machining manufacturers 

will propose a traceability scheme for the machining industry based on the project implementation and research of the 

CNC machining industry for many years. Raw material warehousing and IQC traceability: all purchased parts and raw 

materials need to be delivered in the supplier delivery management system. After passing the audit, the warehouse counts 

the quantity and category with PDA according to the delivery list (for materials without company material labels, only those 

with supplier labels), prints the material labels, pastes them on the materials, places the consistent information in the 

temporary storage area of incoming materials, and places the unqualified materials in the return area. The system automatically 

generates IQC inspection request and inspection task list. IQC inspection is qualified, warehouse staff use PDA to carry out 

warehousing and shelf operations according to the warehousing order, including error proofing settings, information binding 

and return to ERP system, and the traceability of warehousing information is completed. Traceability of parts processing and 

production: the machining workshop collects raw materials according to the production work order. Through the part processing 

traceability function, the PDA bar code scanning gun carries out scanning operation (or operates on the industrial flat plate, and 

scans the work order information with the scanning gun). The part processing traceability system automatically collects information 

such as materials, batches, quantities, etc.

Traceability of parts processing process: mechanical processing parts have a traceability mark (traceability card or QR code), which 

is the ID card of the part. The mark is generated through the unified coding rules of parts processing traceability. The content of 

the mark should include product type number, production date, production batch number, processing personnel, processing 

equipment and material specifications, materials, material suppliers, etc. Traceability of part quality control in the machining 

process: each workpiece in the CNC machining process can be scanned through the part processing barcode through each process, 

and the automatic equipment can be automatically collected after being connected through the programmable controller. After the 

key process is processed, the quality of the workpiece needs to be confirmed through the PQC inspection of part processing, and 

the unqualified data control is not allowed to flow to the next process; Collect processing process, equipment, batch, date, personnel, 

qualified and defective data. FQC control and traceability of machined parts: FQC collects inspection data in the part processing 

traceability system software, and the traceability system automatically judges the inspection results according to the inspection plan. 

After passing the inspection, it can print a qualified bar code identification card and go through warehousing procedures.

After CNC machined parts are put into storage, control traceability: after receiving the parts, the warehouse consignee will put them 

into storage with PDA barcode scanning gun through the traceability system, and the traceability system will check and control 

whether the parts are qualified? Is the order receipt exceeded? Wait for information to prevent errors. Automatically collect order 

number, date, part code, name, batch, quantity and other information. Using MES system to realize product traceability can prevent 

and warn the production process of products, effectively ensure the quality of products, and quickly and effectively complete the

 tracking and recycling of product production and inspection process