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Shenzhen Yiduo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Name: Mr.Liao/Mr. Fan
Mobile: 13360056507/13724217677
Address: South 2nd Floor, Block A, Phase II, Xinhao Shunzhi Innovation Park, Tianyang 6th Road, Dongfang Community, Songgang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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  • For the CNC machining industry, the assembly, storage and delivery of raw materials - > blanks - > surface treatment - > machining - > semi-finished products - > finished products require several processes of production and inspection. How to truly realize the traceability of these links is a difficult problem in industry management. CNC machining manufacturers
  • Mold experts believe that adopting advanced mold technology is an inevitable trend to adapt to the fierce competition at present, and improving the competitiveness of the mold itself to meet the needs of the market is the top priority. Improving the high precision of the mold is not only the requirement of the development of the mold industry, but also the aspiration of the automobile and other industries.