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China has become the second largest measuring tool producer in the world

From visual inspection to simple measurement and then to precision measurement, the progress of measurement technology

 must ensure the progress of manufacturing technology to a certain extent. Mr. Qian Xuesen, a famous scientist, also pointed 

out that information technology includes measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. 

Measurement technology is the key and foundation.

The head of China Machine Tool Industry Association told the author that precision machining and manufacturing not only need 

the accuracy and stability of machine tools and the accuracy of tools and fixtures, but also need precision measuring tools and 

meters to calibrate and measure. Some are in the processing process (such as tool setting instrument); Some are post inspection 

(such as gear measuring instruments).

Industry experts revealed that, taking the wind power industry as an example, the processing and testing of some typical key parts

in power generation facilities, such as turbine blades, rotor slots, and turbine generator rotor slot, to a certain extent, represent 

and reflect the latest achievements and levels of a country's excellent cutting technology, numerical control tools, digital 

measurement technology and measuring instruments, so it has attracted the attention of the tool manufacturing industry.

It is gratifying that domestic measuring tool and gauge manufacturing enterprises have increased investment in the independent 

development of digital display technology and digital display measuring tool products in recent years, and have achieved great 

results. Domestic digital display measuring tools developed from simple strip liquid crystal digital display to relatively complex 

surface liquid crystal dynamic simulation image display in the past few years. The resolution of the digital display caliper grating 

has developed from 0.01 mm to 0.001 mm, and the measurement accuracy and reliability have been significantly improved. The 

continuously improved waterproof and dustproof function (from IP54 to IP65, which can reach IP67 at present) also enhances the 

market competitiveness of domestic digital display measuring tools.

In the precision instrument debugging room of the National Precision Tool Engineering Research Center, the staff clicked the button, 

and the car gear fixed on a testing platform turned quickly. On the computer screen next to it, the numbers were beating rapidly. In 

just over 10 seconds, the measurement results will appear, with the measured values and allowable deviation values beside them, 

which are clear to people at a glance. Chao Gang, deputy chief engineer of the research center, commented on the self-developed 

rapid detection and sorting machine: due to its fast detection speed, high degree of automation and low price, it meets the 100% 

rapid detection of gears implemented by automobile manufacturers and ensures the quality and safety of automobiles throughout 

the country. The facility fills the gap in the field of on-line detection and sorting technology of automotive gears in China.

Precision machining and manufacturing not only need the accuracy and stability of machine tools and the accuracy of tools and 

fixtures to ensure, but also need precision measuring tools and meters to calibrate and measure.

Measuring tools and instruments are at stake

Figuratively speaking, CNC cutting tools are the teeth of CNC machine tools, and precision measuring instruments are the eyes of 

CNC machine tools. They promote each other and are related to each other. Equipment and services promote the development of 

numerical control manufacturing equipment, especially digital cutting technology. Xiehuakun, senior engineer and doctoral supervisor 

of Chengdu Institute of tools, made an analogy.

Relevant statistics show that after decades of construction and development, China's measuring tool industry has initially formed an 

industrial system with a relatively complete range of products, a certain production scale and development capacity, and has become

the world's second largest measuring tool producer after Japan. However, as the basis of numerical control cutting technology, there 

is still a large gap between China's tool manufacturing industry and foreign excellent level in the technical level and functional quality 

of measuring instruments.